These are some of the common questions asked of A. B. Mediation and the mediation process.
Suppose Mediation Isn`t The Answer
We try to screen out unsuitable situations before we start. Sometimes during the mediation it looks as if mediation won`t work and we will discuss that with you, giving you information about your choices from then on.
Is There An Easy Answer To My Problem?
There will always be difficult and sometimes painful transitions when relationships change. Easy divorce will sometimes but not always be possible. We try to make all those transitions that bit easier for you, your partner and for any children.
If We Get A Deal How Do We Make It Stick?
Because your Solicitors aren`t in on the mediation it is understood that you have the right to take advice during and at the end of mediation. The mediator writes up the terms you`ve worked out in mediation so you can get advice and your lawyer(s) draw up the deal in a way which is watertight. Sometimes both people use a Solicitor. Sometimes just one Solicitor is used to draw up the document. We`ll discuss the choices and likely cost with you, whilst leaving you free to make your decision.
Where Can You Find Us?
We mediate in Mansfield, Retford and Worksop.
How Much Will It Cost?
If you are entitled to legal aid we can mediate without payment by you. If you are not entitled we will explain the charges before we start. You only book one session at a time normally so you can evaluate how it is going. If you want a very long session or want to book two or more sessions you can discuss this with the mediator who will consider (with you) if this is likely to work for you.
Who Can Use Family Mediation?
Anyone who has a family problem, whether to do with children, money or property.
Can I Get Legal Aid?
Yes if you are entitled and we`ll check that with you.
How Do I Fix An Appointment?
Telephone 01623 625262 or email us. We`ll be happy to answer your questions.