Mediation is a private, confidential service to help people who can`t sort out a family problem. Think of it as a managed, structured way through the issues with the mediator doing the managing but never imposing ideas on you. Of course it can only work well where everyone wants to find an answer, but you need help to get to the same answer.
There will be times when you may have to take a leap of faith with the mediator as you try out new ideas, but you`ll do that in a safe way, in private and with a mediator who never takes sides.
Everything will be explained in plain English, at a place and time convenient to you, by mediators helping you to sort out your family problems.
Often we`re told that the other person will try and play mind games during mediation. Because of our experience we try to avoid you being sucked into such games.
Some people think that they need to find out their rights before thinking about solutions. They`re correct. As mediators we give independent and impartial information about your rights.
If you still want to see your Solicitor of course you can. Mediation cuts out a lot of the work done when you each have a Solicitor because the negotiations are done with the mediator. That leaves the legal advisor to do just that – advise on the proposal worked out and make it watertight.
That makes it less expensive than deals made between Solicitors. It will probably be a lot quicker, since you will probably have no more than three to five sessions of mediation in all.
Our focus will be on the future, without ignoring the pain of the past. We will never try to judge which of you is right and who is wrong.